6 ways to drive traffic to your website

6 ways to drive traffic to your website
September 26, 2016 Denitsa Kozanova
How to increase traffic to your website?

The first steps in the digital world are never easy. You have already created a website, its design is simple, functional and eye-catching. Your content is in place. Your website contains everything necessary, such as product description, contact information, pricing etc. You have everything up and ready to welcome visitors on your website.

But the waiting never ends.

Having a website is like owning a shop. What would you do if people just pass by your shop and don’t come in? You would step outside and try to raise their interest.
That is exactly what you should do with your website.
Let’s explore the different options…

Website Optimization

Three words- Search engine optimization. SEO is the process of generating leads through generic natural searches. In other words, you will know you are doing it right if you appear in the top results, whenever someone types keywords connected to your business.
But how do you do it right? Here, for instance, you can find a great step-by-step tutorial for beginners.
SEO can be quite a struggle, especially without previous knowledge and experience. You will need technical knowledge and marketing expertise in order to understand how engines work and how your customers can use them in order to find relevant content. If you don’t have time to train yourself, it is best to search for a freelance SEO Specialist. UpWork and Freelance are perfect for that purpose.

Content Marketing

Once you bring people to your website you have to provide them with some valuable information. Sure, your product page is interesting, but it doesn’t bring any added value since people came to it in the first place.
That is why you need more content. This content should be entertaining and important for your visitors. Most importantly, it should make people come back again and again.
The first (and in most cases the only) thing you should consider is having a blog. This is the easiest way to generate content. Start off by creating categories, topics you would like to talk about. They should be related to your product or the industry you operate in. Use catchy headlines for your blog posts, try to include your SEO keywords in order to rank higher with search engines. Furthermore, come up with topics that are relevant to your visitors. Try to understand what general problems they want to solve when researching about your product and write about that. Blogging is meant for your visitors, don’t turn it into another promo channel for your product.
At the beginning you can track your competitors and about what they write about. In addition to this you should check how people react to their posts, what has been shared/liked and what hasn’t.

Interactive Content/Live Chat

There are several other ways you can make your website more interesting apart from blogs and forums. You can install an interactive element, such as calculation elements, games, surveys, voting panels, e-newsletter, everything that the visitor can click on, can download or leave a comment. Track what your competitors do in this regard, but think outside the box. The purpose of this content is to surprise the visitor. Let me explain why, if you and your competitor offer a ROI calculator, the chances of the customer trying out both of them is relatively low.
Another interactive content is live chat. Live chat puts you in direct connection with your visitors and saves their time as they no longer have to wait on the phone to get in contact with you. Furthermore they are happy that their questions get an immediate answer. If you are wondering whether to install live chat or not, read my recent post regarding this topic.
Interactive content is an easy way to attract visitors, especially if you promote it through your social media channels.
With that being said, let’s move to the next point…

Social Media and Email Marketing

Nowadays, your website should be backed up with a solid social media strategy. Otherwise no one will know about it. People live on social media, so, apart from search engines, this is the place to gain some attention. Check which social media platforms your target group is on, create a profile and start communicating with them.
There are several tools can help you with your social media strategy. With Postcron, Postify and Feedly and many more you can gather and monitor content from different sources, schedule posts and track performance.
Email Marketing on the other hand is one of the oldest and most cost-effective marketing tactics which still proves successful. Once you gather the email addresses of prospective customers you will want to get in touch with them. Of course you can simply send out email through your mailbox one by one, but this takes time, effort and analysing the results will not be an easy task. That is why using a marketing automation tool will make your life ten times easier. Here is a great review list of different marketing automation tools.
For more on social media, visit my recent article about Social Media and Email Marketing.

Physical and Other Promotios and Google Maps

Physical promotion is old, traditional and well- proven over time. But why am I mentioning it in an article about building up your digital presence?
Because the two go well together you can combine them to double the effect. In case you are running an offline business, let’s say you have a pet store, you can write the link to your website at the front of the store, or tell people to follow your blog where you can share valuable information about pets’ health and habits. You can start some campaigns for raising awareness, such as ‘Free coffee for a Facebook like’, etc.
The second thing is Google maps- adding your physical and online address there will increase visibility. A lot of people search on Google maps for different services and activities they can do around them. What’s more, you can add your business to Google maps, even if you don’t have a website. Just make sure that the data is accurate and updated because otherwise you will leave a very bad impression.

Analytic Tools

Every effort on your webpage will be meaningless without a god tracking system. Even small businesses need to take advantage of analytics tools in order to understand their visitors. You can track demographic data, different behaviour patterns, what people search for, how they come to your website etc. These tools offer a great opportunity to spot trends among your customer base and very often they are very easy to use. Google Analytics is a perfect starting point. If you want to try out something different, check out this list.

These are only few of the ways you can increase website traffic.
Do you have experience in this topic?
It would be great if you can share it!