Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing Tips
October 4, 2016 Denitsa Kozanova
How to start with social media?

Some Tips and Tricks for Beginners…

Social media has become one of the strongest online marketing channels these days. No wonder, since 1,7bn people use Facebook monthly, 313m  are on Twitter and 500m on Instagram. In addition to these numbers, statistics show that all age groups use social media. So, by now it is already clear that your chances of reaching your target group increase significantly once you come up with a social media strategy.
Social media marketing, however, does not end up with creating an account and posting once in a while. You are sending out a message to the public, therefore  you need to put some thought behind it. Coming up with the right strategy takes quite some time and effort and you can make your life easier by following these simple rules… in every post… on every social page…. just simply all the the time…. always 🙂

Be Consistent

The first thing you should ask yourself is ‘What is the message I am sending out to the word with my company’s profile?’. Now, that might sound too philosophical! If you prefer a more practical approach, then ask yourself, what people should expect to see when landing on your company’s social media page. So, prior to visiting a cosmetic company Fb page, for instance, you expect to see skin and body care commercials, campaigns and articles. Any unrelated post will appear unnecessary and might even be perceived negatively.
That’s why to be consistent means to post surprising and interesting content, but to be extremely predictable when it comes to the topics you cover. Therefore, before creating a social media account you might want to list the general subject matters related to your product/service. Then think of possible articles related to every category, just to make sure you have enough to write about on every topic.
P.S. Don’t overcomplicate things. Come up with two-three general categories that relate to your product and are interesting for your target group and start generating content.

Links, hashtags, mentions

Socia media tips CrowdioOnce you have your account set up and you know about what you want to post, you have to start thinking about visibility. Links, hashtags and mentions will increase the reach of your post, that’s why they have to be used regularly. If you are sharing your own content, always add a link from the blog page to the description.
When you hashtag, you categorize the post and it can be seen by more people. Try, though, not to over-hashtag (max. 2-3 #) your post as it looks bad and people might think it’s spam.
When it comes to mentions, the rule is simple, try always to mention the person who wrote the article you post. This will trigger a conversation and it is a great way to endorse someone. You can use this approach to attract bloggers/influencers to your social page and start a connection with them. Later on, you can ask them to mention your company in one of their articles or to write an article for your blog.
P.S.  Choose your hashtags wisely! Check the hashtag categories before as your post might end up in an unrelated or, even worse, a negative category. You can also get creative and create your own unique hashtag.

Videos and Pictures

Social media tips CrowdioVideos and pictures make your post more attractive and increase engagement. According to recent studies, posts with images produce 650% higher engagement than regular than regular text posts. In addition, a recent report by Cisco suggests that by 2018 87% of all content will be visual. So, there is really no reason to share text-only posts anymore. You can link the image to your website and every time someone clicks on they get immediately redirected to your website.
 P.S. Everything that takes you from the social media account to your website is good, but the reverse option should not be forgotten too! So, add social media buttons on your website, so that people can connect with you and share the content from your blog or news page.

Posting Time

Social media tips2The right timing is essential when it comes to social media marketing. Here you can take a look at the best posting times for every social media platform. However, keep in mind that this might differ from audience to audience. You might find that, even though you are following the suggested posting times, your target group does not respond during these hours. It is best to set a trial period during which you try out different posting times. But keep in mind that your post reach also depends on the content you share. So, even at the best posting time your reach can be really low if your content appears irrelevant to your audience. That’s why you should compare only posts in the same category.

Don't stick to your own page only

Your social media presence should not be restricted to your own page. In order to attract new visitors, subsequently more ‘likes’ and better engagement, you have to take an active role in social media. So, leaving comments, liking posts, participating in discussions, asking questions are all important aspects of building an image on social media and gaining the attention of your audience. Conduct some modest research to see which websites/communities/groups etc. your target group follows and make sure to become one of the most active contributors there. Additionally, identify influencers in your industry and try to maintain a strong relationship with them.

Less is better

No one likes reading long posts, so a strong suggestion is to keep it straight to the point. If you add a ‘catchy’ headline, nice image and a proper portion of hashtags to it you will make your post irresistible to click on. But keep in mind that the content you are sharing should be as ‘catchy’ and intriguing as your post. You might trick someone once, but they won’t let you trick hem twice. People like to read information that is relevant to them and that is appointed to them, so don’t be surprised if your ’10 reasons why my product is amazing’ does not receive a lot of attention. Marketers often refer to this as the 80%/20% rule.



Management Tools

Social media tips Crowdio 4Once you start advancing your knowledge on social media, you will soon realize that maintaining more than 2 accounts (on different platforms) is definitely not an easy task. If you don’t keep a strict record you will get lost in your own strategy. One very good idea is to start using social media management tools. From scheduling posts to analyzing results, the numerous programs out there are created for the sole purpose to save your time. Capterra, for example, offers a long and detailed list of all companies, offering management tools. This software often offers different features, integrations and pricing option. Therefore, it is highly recommended to select some (4/5) and test them for some time before making a final decision. Most of them offer a trial period, so that won’t be a problem.


Did I miss something important? What is the most important social media tip for beginners in your opinion?

Ready to give it a go?