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Our services

24/7 service

24/7 service

We serve your visitors and help them find what they are looking for 24/7. Our performance-based model also decreases your costs as you only pay for results.

Hot leads

Hot leads

We convert your visitors into hot leads for your sales reps. All that online marketing spending doesn’t guarantee you leads. We do!!

Online orders

Online orders

We help your visitors complete their orders and maximize their basket size. Chat converts more than anything else on your site.

So, how do we do this?

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Harnessing the power of the crowd

This is the little something that makes us so special. We have built a crowd of skilled chat agents, from all over the world, covering all timezones, who are experienced in handling online chats for companies.

Once the chat widget is implemented on your site, we can offer your website visitors 24/7 online chat service. We can service your visitors, harvest hot leads for you to call and sell to or convert the visitors into online orders.

Which do you need?

Customize the chat

The chat widget can be installed in a matter of minutes. It’s just a small javascript that needs to be inserted on your site. Easy peasy.

You can customize the look of the widget so it fits your current website’s design and color scheme, and add a logo the agents will show as their avatar.

Besides the appearance, you can also change the behavior of the chat. Having a proactive chat on your site results in twice as many chats and leads than a reactive chat.


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Track results

Keep track of your spending and results using our service.

You can always see how many chats we have answered for you, how many leads we have harvested, how many chats resulted in an online order as well as the visitor rating of our service in the chat and the rating of your site.

Add our chat events to your Google Analytics account and get the full picture.

Harvesting hot leads

You spend a lot of money getting traffic to your site, but nobody garanties you hot leads or more orders. Until now that is.

Using sales techniques and our unique lead harvesting tool in the chat dialogues with your visitors, our agents are able to maximize the lead and order potential of your site; boosting your online ROI.

You can’t afford NOT to do this!


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Too good to be true? Try us out below…

What’s always included

Pay per performance
You only pay for results.
No hidden fees or subscriptions. You only pay for what you get – nothing else.
That’s a guarantee!

Our agents are located in different timezones, providing around the clock chat service. How many of your competitors offer this kind of service?

Free support for all
We offer free online support for all our clients, no matter their size or how often they use our service. Everybody gets the same high-quality service.

Fully customizable
The online chat widget is easily customizable to suit your current color scheme, site language and fonts, so that it fits to your website design.

Easy installation
The live chat can be installed in literally minutes. Just copy/paste the script into your site, and you’re good to go.
Simple and convenient!

Statistics and transcripts
You’re always able to go back an read all our chats and even rate them and give us feedback. Also, you can follow interesting statistics about our performance.

Ready to give it a go?