Should you install live chat on your website?

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Live chat is that little box at the bottom of your website that brings you money. It establishes a dialog with your customers in an era when everything is happening on the Internet. Around half of the world’s population is online at the very moment you are reading, and 81% of all Internet users will start their purchase research on the Internet. In fact, online sales will increase by around 60% in the next years.
So, do you need to stay connected with your customers through different online channels? Most definitely.
Should you install live chat immediately? Not really.
Online chat can bring an immediate success to some. In the first weeks of using Crowdio’s live chat one of our clients won 9 new potential clients. The overall satisfaction of Crowdio’s customers is around 80% and on average they receive around 50-60 new leads out of 5000 website visitors per month.
But there are still customers who don’t really make profit out of live chat. Although I have never heard of an online chat that has harmed someone’s reputation, a lot of companies simply don’t know how to make the best out of this service.
So, how to know if live chat is a good fit for your business? The most certain way of finding out is to test it. But before that you may want to consider the following factors:

Webpage visitors

If people don’t visit your website, there won’t by any chats generated. Our experience shows that the desired minimum is around 5000 to 10 000 visitors per month for a chat service to be beneficial.
These numbers are not set in stone, of course. It depends on your product, the reach of your business, your target audience, the campaigns you are running in that period. You might have less than 5000 visitors per month but if you are running a strong online sales campaign, for instance, you might receive more chats than competitors with more visitors but no active marketing campaigns. However, keep in mind that on average every 101st visitor generates a chat.
There are several tools which you can use to measure how much traffic your website gets. Google Analytics, SimilarWeb and many more can help you analyse the data from your website. In addition, almost all live chat companies offer some sort of web analytics tool. Crowdio is integrated with Google Analytics which enables you to track generated chats, chat content, website traffic, visitor’s behaviour etc.
To sum it up: On average every 101st visitor on your website generates a chat. So, track your website traffic and see how much you can get out of online chat service. 

Target Group Demographics

This point comes as no surprise. It is well known that the success of one’s business lies in understanding your target group. Here are some interesting facts about chatting:
Recent study shows that younger generations are more likely to use the chat widget. Well, we all know that, just take a look at the teenager sitting next to you in the subway who can write a message in WhatsApp faster than you can unlock your phone.
Older generations, age 35-55, however, are also getting used to new technologies and are adopting chatting as a customer service channel. This is the second biggest group of chat users and their number is said to increase in the future. Now that is interesting!
With the two most active age groups using chat services it seems that in the future everybody will prefer this channel of communication. And it is only natural that customers will start chatting with companies instead of talking on the phone.
To sum it up: Nowadays chatting is a form of communication preferred by the youngest, but in the future everyone will chat. What does that mean for you? If you are targeting younger generations, you might want to try online chat service now. If your focus is on the older generations, then you might want to wait for the right time to come.

Online Marketing Strategy/Website Design

Why do you have a website? A lot of companies simply use the Internet to inform their clients about their address and opening hours. Their websites consist of one front page with some text and a picture. That might bring you enough visibility but won’t raise any attention and is doesn’t really need a live chat widget. Usually people chat when they have questions and an interactive website triggers those questions.
If you are willing to become present in the digital world, you need more content and a strategy to get people to visit your website. You also need a fantastic website design to make them like what they see and interaction points with your customers to engage and entertain them. Now, that’s sound more like a website that is ready for a live chat.
To sum it up: It order for live chat to be beneficial it has to be aligned with your online marketing strategy. And for that to happen you need to have one!

Customer service department

Live chat represents another way for your customer service team can to provide support and answer questions. A lot of companies like Cisco, Asus and Amazon have already implemented online chat support. The satisfaction is also high because the service is convenient to use and saves their time as they don’t have to wait on the telephone line for hours.
But you have to train your team well. They have to pay attention to response time; the language they use; the information they provide. As you can’t really see and hear the reactions of the user, the conversation has to be flawless so that you don’t make people angry without even realizing. Once your team knows how to do it well, chatting will improve their efficiency. After all, do you have an agent who can handle 5 calls at the same time? I doubt that. This could happen only if you install live chat.
To sum it up: If you have a customer service department you should install live chat and train your team to work with it. It will increase you agents’ efficiency and your customers’ satisfaction.

Now it’s your turn. Can you think of other factors that can influence the decision to install live chat?


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