When the job makes you happy…

When the job makes you happy…
October 31, 2016 Denitsa Kozanova

And nobody expected it will!

Could that be the best job in the world?
Everyone of us has contacted customer service at least once in their lives.  No matter if your experience was bad or good, I am quite sure you have never asked yourself the question….

What is it like on the other side? What is it like to be the agent?

That’s why I decided to talk to Eidan.
Eidan is from Turkey but he grew up in Denmark with his family. He is currently 34 years old and has three daughters. He works and lives in Turkey. And he is a full time Crowdio External Agent.
We wanted to know more about his experience and what it is like to be a customer agent.
Eidan was living in his small beautiful village in the Southern part of Turkey and working as a Danish translator. However, the business wasn’t going well and soon E. realized that he has to find another job. Unfortunately, he couldn’t go back to Denmark.
‘My wife was not able to receive a residence permit. So, for me moving to Denmark would have meant leaving my wife and three daughters alone. That’s why I had to find another way.’
One day a one of his friends mentioned Crowdio.
‘He said something about an app in Google Play that lets you work as a chat agent for companies. At that time, I didn’t understand what he was talking about and I didn’t pay any attention to it. It was few months later that I got reminded again.’
The work wasn’t easy at first. The first three days, he made only 7 Danish crones. His mother told him that this is nothing and that he should quit.
‘I told her that this is everything! If I can make 7 crown, I can make more. So, I looked for more companies and more chats.’
Soon the chats started rolling in. Nowadays, Eidan serves around 13 customers and handles 20/30 chats per day.
I asked him how a day of a chat agent look like.
‘Sometimes I work for 10 hours straight. I usually start at noon and continue until late in the evening. All I need is my laptop and patience. Sometimes I take 4 chats at the same time from different companies. This is quite a challenge since I have to use every second to run back and forth in order to handle all customers the fastest way possible. But once you make it, you feel great about yourself!
Eidan values greatly this experience as an external agent, due to the overview of different industries he is able to get.
‘For me every new customer is a new experience. I found that particularly amazing, you get to gain insights from every industry.’
And when he starts talking about his job, you realize why he is so good in what he does. He is a naturally born talent in customer service and he loves it.
‘I am very positive when I chat with customers. I always try to be in good mood and to provide an immediate support. After all, I don’t want to waste the time of the customer. I simply have the attitude that every question can be answered, so I always give my best. ‘
‘On the other side I know that I am an external agent. I am not directly employed by the company, thus, I don’t have access to all information. That’s why my final goal is to connect the customer with the company so that he/she gets a more detailed, more exact answer.’
What is the outcome of his efforts? As a full time chat agent for Crowdio he was able to stay in Turkey, move to a bigger city and buy a new flat for his family.
‘When I work, I feel I am doing something important. It makes me happy to see satisfied customers and companies. That’s why this is the best job I have had so far!’


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