The art of generating leads…

The art of generating leads…
October 31, 2016 Denitsa Kozanova
The art of generating leads... (Story)
One of the biggest challenges for Ase is reaching out to new customers. But we are not talking about a regular sales process for increasing profit. In their case, every new lead is one more high-potential professional discovered.
That’s why it is important.

Can you do everything by yourself?

Crowdio Ase LiveChatYou can and you should, especially when you are running a small business.
Small businesses and micro entrepreneurs need to be experts in everything. They have to know how to do Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, whatever it takes to run and successfully maintain business operations. Balancing between all parts of one’s business might get really difficult. And when failing means losing your company the risks gets too high.
That’s when Ase Denmark comes into play. Ase is an independent organization whose mission is to support professionals to reveal their potential and succeed in their career and business. What first started as an unemployment insurance fund for self-employed has turned into a full-service partner for employees, self-employers and students. Apart from insurance, Ase offers consulting services such as career planning and business optimization.
The organization is fully owned by its 150 000 members and it is the fifth largest of that kind in the country.

‘People don’t search for insurance and, in general, for support.’

Crowdio Ase Livechat1This is what Jane Kjærholm Mikkelsen told me in a talk we had recently. Jane is responsible for Digital Marketing at Ase, a position she took few months ago, just before last Christmas. She has an extensive experience in Marketing, has held several marketing positions in other Danish companies and has seen the development and implementation of several online marketing strategies. So, when it comes to making a website convert, she knows how to.
‘Getting leads was the reason why we choose to start using a live chat. We saw that our website isn’t converting as much as we wanted and started to think of different options to improve its performance. That’s when Crowdio got in contact with us.’
Jane further said with me that live chat proved to be a right decision.
‘We implemented it in May and we are still in the testing phase. We are very satisfied, though, as we receive around 50 to 60 leads per month, which, for sure, has improved our website conversion rates.’
Ase currently works only with external chat agents and uses the chat for pre-sales. They have encountered, however, that almost half of the chats are about customer support and general questions.

‘We are currently planning how to align our customer support department with the live chat widget as we see that our customers use the chat for customer support inquires too’

As for working with external agents, Jane told me that it takes time to adjust and for sure it’s not easy at the beginning letting someone outside of the organization to make first impressions on customers, but it pays off in the long-run. The external agents have become experts in their webpage and, what’s more, they keep the chat online outside of working hours.
‘From our experience people tend to chat between 8h and 16h and late in the evening from 19h to 22h, when they are back home and are having time to search on the Internet. That’s why having external agents who are always online is really important.’
The work Ase, Jane and Crowdio’s agents put into generating results pays off. The conversion rate from all pre-sales chats to generated leads is around 40 %, around 50-60 new leads per month. Ase is determined to continue using chat widget in the future and are considering to expand it to all pages of their website. After all, these are not only 50 new potential members, these are 50 new professionals with potential who need Ase’s guidance.

That’s why it is important.


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