Client cases

Client cases

  • Car leasing

    “We receive 50-60 leads per month, approximately 30% of all chats. That’s very satisfying!”

  • Insurance

    “We are very satisfied, as we receive around 50 to 60 leads per month.”

  • Petfood webshop

    “The cooperation with Crowdio has produced a direct positive effect on the bottom line.”

  • Luggage storage

    “We now offer customer support 24/7, since Crowdio’s agents are located around the world.”

  • Congress Center

    “The collaboration with Crowdio has without a doubt paid for itself many times over.”

  • Petfood webshop

    “The Crowdio chat has proved to be an excellent lead generator, which contributes to our business in all 3 countries.”

  • SEO experts

    “We can trust that customers from all over the world gets their response immediately.”