We convert your visitors into hot leads

Automotive industry solution

Automotive industry

This is how it works

Using a staffed online chat installed on your website, our chat agents answer your visitors 24/7 – all year round – and convert them into valuable leads. Potential customers you can call up, book a test drive or sell to directly.

We’ve build a worldwide pool of skilled chat agents with hands on experience with the automotive industry. Our agents are trained in converting visitors into hot leads.

Hot leads guaranteed

You only get qualified leads, that wants to learn more about your product(s) and has given us their permission to be contacted. If the lead is not hot by this definition, you will get your money back.


We staff your website around the clock


We believe real humans build real relations


Our chat agents speaks multiple languages


Our people are trained and supervised


Nellemann Leasing is specialized within leasing of used luxury cars, e.g. BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Porsche.

A story told by a happy client

When we handled the chat ourselves,

we generated about 20 leads per month

– now with Crowdio, we receive 50-60

leads per month; approximately 30% of

all chats. That’s very satisfying!


Peter Lous, Nellemann Leasing

How much will it cost us?

You pay a fixed price per lead, no subscription fees and no cancellation period.




Choose how many leads you want

Choose below how many leads you want us to harvest from your site. The speed of the delivery of the leads depends on the traffic on your site. For example, it normally takes 200 visits to create 1 hot lead, so if you have around a 1000 visits per month, we would deliver you 10 leads over a 2 month period.

All prices are excluding VAT

Buy a lead pack and get extra bonus leads


Sign up now and we’ll give you extra leads as a sign up bonus. We will add the bonus leads once we have received your payment for your first lead pack.




1000 DKK




2500 DKK




5000 DKK

What’s always included

Pay per performance
You only pay for results.
No hidden fees or subscriptions. You only pay for what you get – nothing else.
That’s a guarantee!

Our agents are located in different timezones, providing around the clock chat service. How many of your competitors offer this kind of service?

Free support for all
We offer free online support for all our clients, no matter their size or how often they use our service. Everybody gets the same high-quality service.

Fully customizable
The online chat widget is easily customizable to suit your current color scheme, site language and fonts, so that it fits to your website design.

Easy installation
The live chat can be installed in literally minutes. Just copy/paste the script into your site, and you’re good to go.
Simple and convenient!

Statistics and transcripts
You’re always able to go back an read all our chats and even rate them and give us feedback. Also, you can follow interesting statistics about our performance.