It pays to chat

World's best part-time job




Total flexibility

Work whenever you like, we service our clients around the clock.

Work from where ever you want. Stay home on the couch or go to the beach and work.

Chat from your computer or from your phone.

Job satisfaction

You decide which clients to work for and we’ll supply you with the proper training.

Leverage your education work for clients and industries within your field.

Work with clients within areas of your personal interest.

Make a living

Earn money by chatting online with our clients website visitors.


Payday is everyday – withdraw you earnings to your paypal account daily.

You get paid per chat you handle and/or per lead you collect.

What we expect of you

Perfect spelling in your native language.

Polite, professional and responsible.

Serviceminded and a good eye for sales opportunities.

Do you wan’t to work as a chat agent?