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Nellemann Leasing is part of The Nellemann Group. The Nellemann Group was founded in 1900 and has served customers in the Danish automotive industry for generations.

The Nellemann Group imports several brands such as Kia, Aston Martin and Isuzu, and operates a large network of car dealerships across Denmark. Nellemann Leasing is specialized within leasing of used luxury cars, e.g. BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Porsche. Nellemann Leasing aims to serve the individual needs of every customer while providing the highest level of service.

Three times the leads with Crowdio 24/7 chat


Nellemann Leasing A/S started using the Crowdio chat in September 2016. Before that, they operated a different chat service on their website for about half a year.

Why did Nellemann Leasing choose the Crowdio service?

Peter Lous, Marketing Manager explains: ”We could see that it worked really well with our own chat, but we did not have the resources to staff the chat outside our opening hours. We obviously considered hiring additional staff to cope with this but Crowdio offered a much more flexible solution, and it is even cheaper to let Crowdio handle the chat than hiring more people, so the choice was simple.”

Are you satisfied with the solution and service from Crowdio?

”It has obviously taken some time to ensure that Crowdio’s agents can handle the chat with the high quality Nellemann wants. Advice on car leasing is complicated, and even for Nellemann’s own newly hired employees, it takes some time to learn to answer inquiries correctly. Therefore we were very focused on the quality during the test period, but it works very well now. Of course, it is an ongoing process to ensure that our website visitors are handled best possible – but that would also have been the case with in-house employees.”

“Our cooperation with Crowdio is very satisfying – especially our sales contact and our contact to the chat management provide a high service and in a solution-oriented way”

 “When we handled the chat ourselves, we generated about 20 leads per month – now with Crowdio, we receive 50-60 leads per month; approximately 30% of all chats. That’s very satisfying!”

What can you share about the business case for Nellemann Leasing?

”We do not measure very precisely how many of our leads that turn in to customers, but we can now say that the chat is a very appropriate channel in our overall communication with customers. It is therefore an important part of our overall ways of communication that our customers can use.”

Benefits using Crowdio


Flexible and cost-effective 24/7 chat service


Improved visitor-to-lead conversion on website


High conversion from online leads to sales

Peter Lous

Marketing Manager

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