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  • "We are very satisfied, as we receive around 50 to 60 leads per month which, for sure, has improved our website conversion rates."
    Jane Kjærholm Mikkelsen, Head of Digital Marketing at ASE
    Jane Kjærholm Mikkelsen, Head of Digital Marketing at ASE
  • "We can trust that customers from all over the world get their response immediately."
    Mikkel Vibits, Siteattention
    Mikkel Vibits, Siteattention
  • "Wonderful product and service! The conversion-rate of our website have substantially increased and we are now able to offer 24/7 customer service."
    Peter Lous, Nellemann Leasing
    Peter Lous, Nellemann Leasing
  • "The Crowdio chat has proved to be an excellent lead generator, which contributes to our business in all 3 countries."
    Christian Degner-Elsner, Essential foods
    Christian Degner-Elsner, Essential foods
  • "We now offer customer support 24/7, since Crowdio’s agents are located around the world."
    Matias Hejl, Luggage Hero
    Matias Hejl, Luggage Hero

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Meet your ambassador, Anna

Trained and certified

Highly motivated and quick

Serviceminded and sales-oriented

Supervised and coached daily

Anna is 26 years old and well educated. She lives abroad and works as a travel agent. She’s very serviceminded and loves the human interaction.

Trained and certified ambassadors